Fun-Filled Friday in San Antonio

What a wonderful Friday in San Antonio! The hotel that we’re staying in has the MOST delicious breakfast…and what starts off a day better than a gigantic breakfast and a hot cup of coffee?!?! After breakfast, we started our day of tourist adventures. We went to the San Antonio Zoo (and anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the zoo! I mean…who doesn’t love baby animals??) It was fun to just wander around and take some goofy pictures with the family.  Once we had seen what felt like every animal in the zoo, we took our tired feet for a mini train ride around Brackenridge Park.  The park itself is 343 acres, and it’s located in the middle of the San Antonio.  The land that makes up the park was donated to the city in 1899 by George Washington Brackenridge. This adorable mini train travels along the outer limits of the park, and gives you a great view of all the areas you can visit.  I swear we were the only family on that train without a kid under the age of 5…but I guess that we’re all children at heart!

Our next stop was the Alamo.  Aidan had done a research project and presentation on the Alamo during his summer session of homeschool, so we had a very passionate (and well-educated) tour guide! It was fascinating to see the Alamo and begin to understand the enormity of what happened in that area. The entire city of San Antonio was built up around the location of this series of battles, and we just couldn’t take a trip to SAT without honoring those whose lives were lost. AND there was an American doctor who was killed in this battle named Amos Pollard!  Who knows if he was related to our family or not, but it was a cool realization nonetheless.

Our Alamo adventure led us to this cute part of town where we were shopping in some little boutiques, when it suddenly started to POUR rain. It was definitely a real Texas rainstorm (I’ve quickly learned that everything is bigger in Texas!) It was a storm like I’ve never seen before…the raindrops were so large you could see each and every one falling individually. Guess it was just another Texas experience in the books!

But most definitely the highlight of my trip so far was meeting up with my best friend Cameron! We’ve known each other since we were teeny-tiny babies (because our moms were best friends) and it had been years since I’d seen him last. He goes to Trinity University, which is like 5 minutes from where we’re staying, so I couldn’t let this trip go by without spending some quality time with him. We always pick up right where we left off! Nothing better than spending quality time with true friends! After I got back to the hotel tonight, I turned on ESPNU to watch my former high school (ranked number 1…State Champions 2014 woot woot!) play the number 2  ranked team. Sadly, we lost, but it was still cool to see my school and kids that I know on national TV!

Tomorrow is another adventure, and let’s hope it lives up to this one!!

Flamingos at the San Antonio Zoo

Train selfie from Brackenridge Park



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