San Antonio, TX

I’m sitting in the United Club, iced tea in hand, thinking about how wonderful our trip to San Antonio has been.  We saw the places my parents remembered, ate some kick-butt Tex-Mex food, and had a great time gallivanting around the city and taking in the sights!

Saturday was action-packed…we started at the Witte Museum, where we wandered through the interactive exhibits.  Grossology was most definitely the highlight of the museum experience for Aidan (and for me as well, I have to admit)! Definitely enjoyed learning about disgusting bodily functions…everything from farts to burps to snot.  Aidan still raves about the fart machine (surprise surprise!) But we definitely had a good time laughing about all the random gross facts that we learned. 

Okay, so if you know me, you know that I’m not a fan of fast food, but especially not Taco Bell.  So when we pulled up to a fast food restaurant after the Witte Museum, I was kinda worried about finding something tasty to eat.  Boy was I wrong…Taco Cabana you changed my perception of fast food.  We NEED one of these in NoVA people.  You can get 3 taquitos for $3!!!! AND it’s open 24/7!! They make all their tortillas fresh on this swirly tortilla machine, and everything they make is good.  It’s like a delicious, fresh, clean Taco Bell where the food isn’t gross (no offense to the Taco Bell lovers out there).

Full and satisfied, we hopped back in the car and took off to see Lackland Air Force Base, where my parents were working while they lived here.  It was fun to watch the two little love birds stroll down memory lane…well walk quickly, it was much too hot for a stroll! HA! Aidan liked seeing all the airplanes and fighter jets, and made it very clear to us that he was going to be an Air Force pilot when he grows up and “blow up the bad guys.” You go, Aidan!

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped in La Villita, this precious old town full of art galleries and gift shops.  Not the highlight of Aidan and Dad’s trip, but they were still full from their Taco Cabana and thus very patient with Mom and my meandering! J

We took FULL advantage of the happy hour at the hotel (the food part…not the alcohol part, don’t worry!) and ended up not being hungry enough to go out and get dinner. I was excited because that meant that I could watch the Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State game.  This game was AWESOME! Definitely got chastised for screaming at the TV a bit too loud for 11 oclock at night…but what could I do! GOOOO HOKIEEEESSSS! (My allegiance will always be to Georgia Tech, but since they had already won…Hokies it is!)

 Sunday started off with a beautiful mass at the San Hose Mission, one of the oldest missions in the country! The church was restored to resemble exactly what it looked like back in the 1800s, and it was breathtakingly beautiful. The Catholic community at the church was so welcoming, and it was heartwarming to experience mass with these beautiful people.  It was incredibly special to be able to not only visit this historical site, but to attend the parish service.

We then went to El Mercado, and browsed the variety of shops there.  It was full of Mexican culture and handcrafted items, a real special place in San Antonio.  La Margarita, (another) one of my dad’s favorite restaurants is in the middle of Market Sq, so we went there for a quick lunch before heading off to catch our plane.  The one thing that I’ve learned is that there’s no better place to get Tex-Mex food than San Antonio! We made a very necessary pit stop on the way to the airport to buy some handmade tortillas from Alamo Café, and we were off!

A wonderful trip has now become wonderful memories, and I’m so blessed to have been able to spend the past few days with those I love most. Next stop…London!


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