London, England

I’m sitting here in our apartment in South Kensington, London kind of unsure of what day it even is, and much less what time it is here! The clock says that it’s currently 7:34 pm, but to be honest, it feels more like a mix of the middle of the night and early afternoon. The journey was nothing remarkable, just a weird time change and some fitful sleep (or lack thereof) on the plane. We took the red-eye flight, with the goal of minimizing jet lag and here’s to hoping that it works! A 7 hour flight, leaving at 10 pm Virginia time and landing at 10:15 am here in London means that I haven’t really slept since Thursday night…yikes! However, we spent our first day in the city on our feet and very busy (to keep us awake!) and I had a marvelous time. We took the tube from Heathrow to S. Kensington using our Oyster cards (anyone travelling to London, definitely consider investing in one!) and walked to our apartment from there. Our apartment/flat is wonderful…a basement walkout flat with 2 bedrooms and a very modern feel. It felt homey as soon as we stepped in, but rather than succumbing to our bed’s glorious calls, we immediately took off for Harrods. Never in my life have I seen a place I could spend a whole week in and probably not see the whole store. Words truly cannot describe the immensity of this store. It looks huge from the outside, but even bigger inside—it’s almost like a village! Our first stop was the food market for lunch (I had a fantastic brie and ham sandwich with caramelized onions…it was melt in your mouth delicious!). I swear we spent more time wandering around in awe of all the choices then doing anything else…it was like Wegman’s on steroids times a billion! In Harrods, our time was split pretty evenly between 4 sections: Toy Kingdom, Technology, Designer Clothing, and Shoe Heaven. I’m sure you can guess who matches to each area! HA! We marched our tired feet back towards the flat, but realized we needed dinner…rather than going out and taking the risk we’d all fall asleep in our plates, we stopped at a deli market and picked up some sausage and cheese with a fresh baguette and munched on that at home (well, at our home for the week!). Bedtime is rapidly approaching (YAY!), and it looks like tomorrow will be busy with a (very touristy) double-decker bus tour and mass at an old Catholic cathedral. Hopefully I’m tired enough to sleep through the night and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure!


…and we’re off!


We may be tired, but we made it!


Spending the week at 35 Elvaston Pl!

DSCF4128 DSCF4126


Fun times at Harrods!


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