Adventures in London

We started off our day today with a delicious breakfast from an assortment of local shops around our flat.  Mom and I went to PAUL, a French patisserie, while Dad and Aidan chose egg, sausage, and cheese baguettes.  Aidan, of course, also needed his pain de chocolat—what’s a trip to Europe without one?!?  Got ready to go, dressed in layers upon layers to beat the fickle London weather, and took off in search of a double-decker bus tour.  We were choosing between Big Bus and the Original Tour, so we took Rick Steve’s advice and went on the Original Tour.  Aidan was set on sitting on the open top (as was I, not going to lie) and it was incredibly fun! The bus tour took us all around London to get a peek at all the most famous attractions; cameras in hand, we oohed and ahhed appropriately.  Our bus at first had a recorded tour commentary, but eventually we had a live guide join us.  At first this was really exciting, but Uncle Benny’s very passionate (almost TOO passionate) commentary quickly wore us down.  He kept calling Aidan “young sir” and continued to almost scream into the microphone about the London fire, the Blitz, and the beautiful architecture.  Between topics he’d hack and cough, worrying us all if he’d be able to finish the tour.  A wonderful man, but not my cup of tea! HA! We got off the bus to catch the Thames River cruise around 6 o’clock, and got wonderful views of the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and even the school Daniel Radcliffe went to (I might have fangirled…a lot!). We walked along the river after in search of some place to feast on fish and chips…we ended up eating at “The Warf,” this little restaurant right on the water.  Maybe I was just starving, but the food was absolutely delicious!! I swear I haven’t eaten anything that wasn’t amazing the whole time I’ve been here.  After dinner, we stopped at a froyo double-decker “food truck” called SNOG.  The bus was hot pink, and the top deck was a sitting area with rainbow lights; most definitely more fun than any Pinkberry or Sweet Frog I’ve ever been to! Took the tube back to our flat (yay for Oyster cards!) for the night.  It was surprisingly cold here today—thankfully I came prepared with scarves, sweaters, and Toms! We had a hardcore planning session at the flat to decide when we’re going to the Globe Theatre, to see a West End show, to go see the Harry Potter sets at WB London (OMGYAY!) and what touristy places we still need to see! A jam packed vacation, but looking like a great one! I guess 1 am means bedtime…goodnight!


Ready for the day!!


VERY necessary photo with the “Bobby”

DSCF4358 DSCF4315

Double-decker bus tour ft. Uncle Benny


Artsy photo of the London Eye

DSCF4241 DSCF4242

I had to pay to use the potty…definitely a photo-worthy moment

DSCF4460 DSCF4459

Thames River tour with beautiful views of the Tower Bridge!


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