Lovely London

We’ve been busy little bees, buzzing around London, but I’ve finally cared out some time to write about our adventure.  On Monday we used the last little bit of our time on the bus tour to drive by the museums.  Our plan was to then go to the Tower of London, but as we drove by the British Museum, we changed our minds.  This massive, regal building looks more like a castle than any museum I’ve ever seen, and it’s stunning! We couldn’t wait to explore…BUT FIRST…lunch! There was a quaint little pub across the street, so we thought we’d give it a try.  I decided to order a meat pie (so very London-y of me); this thing was life changing! Now I know why it’s such a staple for an English pub.  Flaky puff pastry pie crust filled with meat…what more could you want?!? Full and satisfied, we took on the British Museum, Rick Steves’ guide book in hand.  It’s absolutely incredible, the artifacts that they have here.  I’d say it’s the only place I know of where you can experience the rise and fall of three great cultures—Egypt, Assyria, and Greece—within a few hours’ time! Definitely a different feel than any of the museums in the states.  This museum is massive…I bet we could have spent a whole week in there and not seen or learned everything.  But once we were all museum-ed out for the day, we walked into London’s theatre district, right around Leicester Square.  What a place to people watch! That’s one thing that I’ve definitely notice about London…no two people are the same.  The way they dress, walk, talk, accessorize; everyone strives to be unique and individual.  I love it…it’s really refreshing! After a significant amount of people watching and some obligatory tourist photos, we were back on the hunt for food! (Notice a trend?? Eat, eat, EAT! HA!) Grabbed a quick Italian dinner from a place called Bella Italia, and headed home for an early night.  We woke up early the next morning with a refreshed pep in our step and energy to spare.  Mum made fresh egg sandwiches on baguettes for breakfast (food again!) and we took off for a day of unplanned exploring.  We headed down to Oxford Street, which is known for being the longest shopping street in Europe! I was most definitely in heaven (until I calculated the exchange rate; no purchases made!).  Then we found an antique flea market to explore, visited the seven floor toy store (Hamley’s), and watched street performers and browsed the kiosks at Covent Garden.  We made the obligatory stop in the Burberry store—loved everything, bought nothing—and a few more upscale favorites: Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Alexander McQueen, Prada, and Gucci.  Then it was back to the flat for a quick change of clothes before meeting Mom’s friend from the Air Force Academy for a dinner at their local pub.  I got another meat pie (YES!) and, on recommendation from the locals, tried a hard apple cider.  I think I have a favorite drink…and it was fun to get to order it since the drinking age is 18! That was a great night full of laughs, funny stories, and fabulous food! I’m sure today will be great too; we’re planning on going to the Tower of London, the London Eye, and Mum and I have tickets to see “Once” at the Phoenix Theater tomorrow night (which I am counting down the hours for!).

Cheers to another bloody good day in London! (Again with the false British jargon…but I crack myself up!)DSCF4494

Ridin’ in style!


The first Pollard pub experience!




If we didn’t take a picture in front…did we really go?


The Pollard clan knows how to keep the museums interesting…mimic the artifacts!


Ya…I’m an adorable Paddington bear…I know! 🙂


I found a monument to Shakespeare…so cool!


Dinner time shenanigans at Bella Italia!


Shopping on Oxford St!


Hamley’s Toy Store (seven whole floors of fun toys…and a LEGO telephone booth!)


…and I even got knighted by the Queen! 😛


Lunch at the 5th View!


The flea market we stumbled upon


The Covent Garden Market


HEY…it’s a VERY British Mini Cooper!

DSCF4882 DSCF4866

Pub night 2…this time with friends!!


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