Even More Adventures in London

Our busy vacation has continued…yesterday was jammed full with fun activities! We started off the day with the London Eye.  Now, I know that it’s incredibly touristy, but honestly some of the best views of London were up here (and it’s fun for selfies too!).  It wasn’t really that crowded either, so that was the cherry on top! We’ve been blessed with good weather on this trip so far—knock on wood—and were hoping it continues for the rest of our time here.  After admiring the city from a glass pod on a Ferris wheel, we took a trip back in time at the Tower of London.  For anyone visiting London in the near future (or far future, whatever), this is absolutely a must-see.  It was fascinating to experience a place with such history.  Most people associate the Tower with the torture and beheadings that occurred there, but it’s so much more complex than that.  The Beefeaters (soldiers with military experience who live in the Tower with their families and protect the Crown Jewels) give tours, which was absolutely the highlight of the experience for me! He was full of fascinating information—did you know legend says that if the ravens leave the tower the White Tower will fall?  The ravens that live here are vicious, meat-eating birds who actually are a little intimidating.  Seeing the Crown Jewels was incredible—what extravagant and beautiful pieces! One of the crowns holds a diamond that’s over 500 carats. There’s nothing like seeing these truly majestic items in person. After spending most of the day at the Tower, Mom and I headed off to go see “Once.”  This. Show. Was. Phenomenal! There was no orchestra, and the cast was only like 15 people, who were all essentially the band for their own show.  Each actor/actress was a quadruple threat: acting, singing, dancing, AND playing an instrument! The talent in this theatre was out of the roof! Anyone who knows me well won’t be surprised to know that I cried at the end (it’s kind of a tradition now that musicals make me cry. HA!) After a brief stop at the Haagen Das shop for Bailey’s ice cream, we headed home.  Today we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard ceremony.  It was cool, and a must see for every London tourist, but not my favorite thing that we’ve done.  I actually preferred walking around the palace later in the day when there were less tourists and less commotion! We then walked through the streets and actually saw a “mini” changing of the guard at St. James Palace (thanks again Rick Steves!).  We visited the breathtaking Westminster Abbey, and finished the day at the Churchill War Rooms – the original Cabinet War Rooms, the wartime bunker where Churchill and his government were sheltered during the Blitz.  It was FASCINATING! I learned so much about the war, Churchill himself, and the people who worked with him. Tomorrow we’re headed to the WB Studio to see the Harry Potter sets and I’m fangirling already! Be ready for LOTS of pictures from a giddy teenage girl/Harry Potter nerd!

DSCF5039    DSCF4925

First stop…London Eye!


4-D Glasses are the newest fashion…trust me! 😛


Beautiful views from the London Eye



Uhhhhh…..he looks a little TOO happy!


Time for the Tower of London….


…and a selfie with the Beefeater!


Our incredible tour guide!


You can’t take pictures OF the Crown Jewels, so a picture outside will have to suffice!


Such a cool place to see and visit!


Morning tube ride…tea in hand!


Visit to Westminster Abbey (and saw the oldest door in London!)


Churchill War Rooms…one of my favorite museums!


The Pollards are having a wonderful time in London!


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