London Reflection

As I sit on the plane back to the States (for seven hours), I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about how blessed I am to have been able to spend these past nine days in London! And I guess with that, my first real and true gap year experience is over.  I thank God every day for the incredible opportunity to spend this year away, and thank my parents and everyone who has encouraged me for your support.  I’ve already learned so much—not the same kind of textbook learning that my friends are experiencing—but learning nonetheless.  My first service trip is rapidly approaching, as we leave for Tanzania on October 10th, so we will definitely be hitting the ground running when it comes to preparations.  Packing and collecting donations are first on my list, with finding a comfortable way to sleep on the 17-hour flight not far behind!

Oh and the other thing, I’m compiling a playlist of music to listen to on all my flights this year; so if anyone has any suggestions for artists, albums, or even specific songs I’d love to have a little something from you to take with me around the world! Feel free to send me an email, text message, or even comment on the blog with music suggestions…it would be so special!

With my trip to London officially complete, I have to say…my world has been widened! And I can’t wait for the next adventure that’s waiting just over the horizon!



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