Human Beings and Chasing Chickens

Today was another jam-packed day in Pommern! Since the Secondary School is preparing for their 25-year Jubilee celebration, the teacher I worked with yesterday didn’t have any classes today…so Edward told me that I would be working with the “human beings,” or pre-primary school students (ages 3-6). As soon as I arrived, I could tell that it would be an exciting and energetic morning! Our first order of business was to present a soccer ball and a volleyball to the school…so that they could use them during their break times and during recess! The kids lined up and I handed each “class representative” a ball which they walked over to the teacher and presented to her. It was so fun to see the kid’s faces light up when they found out that they had new toys to play with!

Next, we organized a running race around the schoolyard to determine what students would receive the soccer jerseys and t-shirts…it was a serious competition, and the kids were so excited to get to actually compete for something so special! I awarded the first seven kids to cross the finish line with t-shirts, and received big smiles and hugs in return! I didn’t think that it would be this fun to hand out these donations!

The kids ran inside and we began class. They were learning their vowels in Swahili, so I helped by calling on students to come to the board and read them aloud to the class. These kids are PRECIOUS, and were so excited to just show off how much they know! Then we took a quick break, and we played ring-around-the-rosy and duck duck goose. The little girls all wanted to touch my hair or at least have one hand on me at all times…it was so adorable to see how interested they were in how different I looked.

The teacher told me that I could teach them anything that I wanted, so I decided to teach them their colors in English. They were VERY enthusiastic, and as I pointed to the rainbow painted on the wall they screamed all sorts of colors at me. By the end of my 30 minute lesson, most of the kids knew the majority of the colors in English and proved that to me by tapping on my arms and saying “white!” Well, I guess that means that I taught the lesson well enough! HA!

Then it was back to the mission house for a quick lunch, after which we headed to the secondary school to watch the rope pull and the chicken chase. Since many of the students have their national exams coming up in a week or two, the school organized some fun activities to keep their spirits up. The chicken chase was definitely my favorite; the students form a huge circle, in which a chicken is released. Then the most senior teachers are allowed in the ring, where they run around and chase the chicken until one of them catches it. The teacher who catches the chicken gets to take it home and eat it for dinner…that’s the best prize! It was hysterical…I wish we did something like this at home! Then it was time for the rope pull, teachers versus students. The students won both times…I guess it’s universal that kids always want to beat their teachers! It was a nice bonding opportunity with the students as well; nothing better to bond over than teachers chasing chickens!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since we left home. On one hand, it feels like just yesterday that I was sleeping in my own bed, but on the other hand, we’ve done so much already that it feels like we’ve been here for months. I feel quite at home here with the Global Volunteers staff and Linda; Mama Toni is always around to check on us and make sure we have plenty of food, Mohammed knows how to make us laugh and always makes a wonderful warm fire for the evening, and Edward knows anyone and everyone and makes us feel like part of the community. One week down…five weeks to go!


Presenting the volleyball to the girls


Presenting the soccer ball to the boys


The very serious running race to win t-shirts 🙂


Maybe some of you recognize your shirts? 🙂 Thank you again for your generous donations…they really mean so much to the people here!


4 thoughts on “Human Beings and Chasing Chickens

  1. We’re working through an organization called Global Volunteers which has programs all around the world set up to work with the community and help in impoverished communities. They’re a wonderful organization who really focuses on what the community NEEDS, so that the volunteers and the community members can both benefit. If you’re interested in volunteering, I’d definitely recommend that you check out their website!


  2. Meghan… just getting caught up on your blog. Your stories so far are wonderful and heart felt! Thanks for sharing. Tell you mom I said hi and that I’m thinking about you all… often!
    Linda Dinga


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