Chemistry and Tutoring

I helped Joel in his Chemistry class again today. We moved on to rate of reaction and the students were very impatient to wait and see the reaction occurring…it reminded me so much of when we did the same kind of experiments in AP Chem! We went to the staff meeting and found out that the classes after morning break were all cancelled in order to allow time for the Jubilee preparation. Linda and I came back to the mission house to rest up. We then headed back to the secondary school to continue work on the library after lunch. We worked with Patrick and Joseph again, and Simba came back to talk too! Them Simon and a few more of the Form IV boys came to talk with us as well. Simba asked me if I would help him tutor some of the Form II students in Chemistry, and I agreed. So once we finished with the library project for the day, we gathered in an empty classroom with the other guys and explained atomic structure and isotopes. Simba continues to impress with how much he knows and I swear he knows everyone. He promised to introduce me to new people every day; I’m really enjoying spending time with the students here! Happy, healthy, and thankful here in Tanzania!


Chit-chatting with friends (Simba, Simon, and Joseph) while taking turns working on the library wall!


Beautiful sunset in Pommern 🙂


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