Jubilee and Church Choirs

The weekend is coming to a close and we’re gearing up to start week three here in Pommern! This weekend was a busy one, with the Jubilee and Form IV graduation, but we enjoyed it greatly. On Friday morning we said goodbye to Linda, and wished her safe travels for her safari and her journey back to the US. Then it was back to the secondary school to “help” with Jubilee preparations again. We sat and watched about 20 men try to figure out the best way to dig a hole and put up a flagpole to fly the national flag. It wasn’t the most streamlined process, and everyone contributed their two-cents, but it worked out well in the end and it looks beautiful in front of the school. It was an entertaining process to say the least. HA! Then we just wandered around and continued to talk to students and teachers as they worked; everyone we talk to is very kind, and wants to assure us that we are “most welcome” to attend the Jubilee as distinguished guests. Most of the prep was done, so we decided to eat lunch, change into work clothes, and continue work on the library in the afternoon. Simon, Patrick, and Joseph joined us and we talked about the upcoming Jubilee, bride price and dowry (since they’re discussing it in class based on a play they’re studying, they wanted to know my opinion), and how life in the US is different from here in Tanzania. We literally can talk about anything! Simba was busy with preparation for the Jubilee, making sure that everything was orchestrated, but did stop by and say hello. Oh, and to invite me to go see the ceremonial slaughtering of the cow for the celebration…no thanks!

Saturday arrived before we knew it and the Jubilee was finally here! Well…kind of! It was scheduled to start at 9 am, but nothing happened until 11:30 am. It’s African time! As we waited for the festivities to start, Patrick found us and took us on a great tour: to see the kitchen, to give our well-wishes to the graduates, and to see the stage, all set up and waiting for the “big potatoes” or VIPs to arrive. They very kindly invited us to sit on the stage as guests of honor, but we decided that we’d rather watch from the back where we could take lots and lots of pictures! Once the Jubilee started, it went straight until 6 pm…not even a break for lunch! The day was full of skits, music, dancing, speeches, and fundraising; all in Swahili, but interesting, fun, and exciting nonetheless! We felt very blessed to be part of the Jubilee and to help the school celebrate their 25-year anniversary.

Today we relaxed and rested in preparation for our next week of volunteering. We attended the Roman Catholic mass at 8:30 am (it actually started at 8:45 am) which was a beautiful service in Swahili with an incredibly talented church choir of secondary school students. Patrick was in the choir, and it was very fun to watch him sing and dance. He showed us around the church compound after mass, and then walked us back to the mission house. We rested, relaxed, and read after lunch, and then walked to the secondary school to see a concert by a singing group from Iringa, and play Scrabble with the teachers. Aidan won both games that he played…although he has an obvious advantage because English is his first language! I moved into the single room where Linda was staying before and it feels to have my own space again…I’m planting my roots in that room and not moving again (hopefully)! Excited for our third week in Pommerin; it’s really starting to feel like home!


We’ve been blessed to have Linda…safe travels!


Lets prep for Jubilee!


We’re lovin’ life!


The adventure of the Tanzanian flag pole 😛


Joel and I all dressed up for the Jubilee!


Patrick and his cows 🙂


Every day ends in beauty, with a sunset painted by God


The little kitten that lives around the mission house!


This gorgeous girl just walked up to me after mass…precious!


Patrick walking me back to the mission house…he’s a great friend! 🙂


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