Scrabble and Swahili

Well, today was just wonderful! I taught English with Harry this morning, and we finished the lesson on prepositions and taught the students an exercise. I’m getting more confident about teaching a class of students who are so close to my age…Harry told me today that I was doing a “great job” and praise from him means a lot! Tomorrow I’m teaching with him again, and we’re going to go over reading strategies and reading comprehension to help the students be successful on their Form II examinations. He’s already planned the lesson and written the notes, so I’m hoping class goes smoothly again tomorrow. After lunch, we had a family/homeschool discussion about The Giver…it’s fun to have the opportunity to be involved in Aidan’s school lessons. This afternoon we planned on going to work with Moses on the library, but he was nowhere to be found; we couldn’t even find his tools! We asked students and teachers (and even the Secondmaster) but no one had any idea. So, we just played Scrabble instead! Aidan, the Secondmaster, Joel and I played while Simba kept score. I came in 3rd the first game and lost the second game. Simba found my lack of Scrabble skills hilarious.

Aidan and Mom headed back to get some schoolwork done before dinner time, and I stayed to chill with Simba. He was telling me all about the play he wrote and performed in for the Jubilee, and was explaining the story to me (since it was performed in Swahili). He invited me to play volleyball with some other students on Wednesday and continued to (try to) teach me Swahili words: pikipiki is motorcycle, nyoka is snake, mtoto is baby, and ndoo is bucket. He’s making me a list of words so I can study and learn more! I’m helping him with his English as well – we clarified today that “bad” and “bud” aren’t pronounced the same. But honestly, there’s not much that I can help with because speaks English unbelievably well. He’s great company…it’s really nice to have someone my own age to talk to, and to help me meet more students.

The Pomerini Market is tomorrow, so we’ll definitely check that out in the afternoon. All in all, today was great and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week and our safari this coming weekend!


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