Sarah, Moses and Simba

Today started with a lesson in reading for comprehension and reading strategies for the Form II English students. I’m really enjoying working with Mr. Kihoo, and am sad that I’ll not be working with him next week, since Edward wants me to work with as many teachers as possible during my time here. The classes here are entirely lecture-based, so I spend a lot of time talking and writing on the board. Joseph was in one of my classes, and he told me today that I did a great job and that I had great handwriting…HOORAY! This afternoon we walked around the Pomerini Market – it was mainly clothes, shoes, cooking items, and some fabrics, so we didn’t buy anything, but it was still very fun to walk around! We then went to work with Moses, but our student helpers were nowhere to be found. So we worked alone for a while until Aidan and Mom had to come back to do more homeschool. I decided to stay to talk to some of the girls, and met up with Sarahfina (I call her Sarah, since she calls me Megs) who showed me her dormitory while we talked about my life in the US. Simon came to get me while I was with Sarah…apparently Simba had sent him to find me, so Sarah and I went and spent the evening talking with the two of them about popular singers, our favorite subjects, what we want to do in the future (Sarah wants to be a doctor – YOU GO GIRL!) and a ton of other stuff. We laughed a lot: as I continued to forget the Swahili words and peoples’ names, and as Simba struggled to pronounce “water” with an American accent. I joined the school students for evening prayer and the flag ceremony, and then walked back to the mission house. Simba made me a list of Swahili words and their meanings and told me to study them; I’m working on it, and trying to be a good student! I’m very blessed to have found friends here…feeling very lucky!


It was a cold afternoon as we headed to the secondary school!


Awwwww…sibling love!


Moses, the mason who is in charge of the library restoration project!


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