Swahili, Church and Frisbee

This morning started with a leisurely breakfast, after which we spiffed up and headed over to the Lutheran Church. We got up and introduced ourselves – in Swahili – and we formally were welcomed as Global Volunteers! It was a nice gesture, even though Mom, Aidan and I have already been here for four weeks! We spent the rest of the morning lounging around and relaxing…which included a siesta for me! Mom woke me up just in time for lunch, and we played card games in the early afternoon. We’ve added “Skip-Bo” and “Up-Down” to our repertoire…we’ll have to share our newfound knowledge with everyone when we get home! Some of the girls from Mom and Aidan’s Standard 6 English class stopped by the mission house for a visit and some pictures…they were very sweet, and we had a great time!

I had talked to Sarafina this morning at the church, and she told me that the girls would be playing netball this afternoon (around 4) so the plan was to go down there. I was in my room when Shannon knocked and said that there were people outside who were asking for me. It was Simba and Joli! They had finished with their class, so we went down to the football ground with the other volunteers and played around. Our safari volunteers had made it back by then, so they came down with us too. We played a little football, a little frisbee, a little volleyball, and had a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we get back into the swing of things – back to Form II English! Edward said that we can get back to chipping away at the library tomorrow too (HOORAY)! I’ll be glad to get some more accomplished on that project, although it’ll be very different with 12 people working, rather than 3! I’ll be sure to report how that adventure goes…I’m sure it will be magical! HA! We’ve got another volleyball game planned for Wednesday (and Saturday). Michele leaves at the end of the week, and we’ll miss her very much, but are thankful that we got to spend two weeks serving beside here. Hoping the next two weeks are eventful (with only good things!) and that we stay busy and accomplish many of our projects!


Our after church visitors 🙂


Everyone wants a picture!


Simba, Joli, and I with the stray…so cute!


Wish I could take him home!


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