The Final Tanzania Post

Today we embarked on the journey to Dar.  It was a long (and hot!) day, but we maintained our team mentality and supported each other through the 13 hour ordeal. It was definitely a ride full of things to remember — Barb almost busting through the closed windows in her fervor to get the perfect photograph; wondering how long the police officers could argue about whether or not we were a bus; munching on delicious dark chocolate almonds, thanks to Kathryn; finding a goat just hitching a ride underneath the petroleum truck; Aidan’s running narration of every goat, chicken, and duck that we drove by; and the woman wearing the Minnesota Twins t-shirt, who we all wanted to get a picture of, but just had to settle for mental pictures since we were currently under the “are we a bus?” inquisition.  In a final show of our incredible teamwork, we took a communal Lord of the Rings trivia test (courtesy of Aidan) — and scored a whopping 34%!

We enjoyed the drive through Mikumi National Park, seeing zebras, impalas, giraffes,  water buffalo, and even a few warthogs! After a few traffic jams and quite a few moments of laughter (not sure if anything was actually funny, but we were definitely stir-crazy!), we finally piled out of the van at the Slipway — our sweaty, grateful, sardine-y selves feeling very thankful for Mohammed’s driving prowess and thanking God for our safe travels.

Bon Voyage! We’re now on our way to Dubai — and our reunion with Dad! Can’t wait for the next adventure…it’s going to be so different than Pommern!

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