Lights for Learning Project

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As many of you already know, I’ve been collecting donations for my Lights for Learning project for a few weeks now. My experience in Pommern, Tanzania inspired me, and my goal is to provide a solar light to all 644 students at Pomerini Secondary School to assist them in their studies.  Pomerini Secondary School reserves generator time for 7-10 pm so the students can study; but if a student needs to study later, or can’t focus in the tiny classrooms packed with 50+ students, they have to rely on solar lights, which most cannot afford.  Those students are found many nights, sitting outside, attempting to study by the light of the moon.

Regardless of how much is raised, every dollar collected will go directly to the purchase of solar lights for these highly motivated, dedicated, and deserving students.  If you can contribute, I’d greatly appreciate it.  Not only will your gift change the life of a child, but it will impact the community as a whole, showing all of those in Pommern that there is someone, somewhere, who cares about their future.

I just launched an online campaign in order to expand the project and hopefully get closer to reaching my goal. Please check out the site, donate if you’re able, and spread the word!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions…I’d love to talk about my experiences and share more information about the community and my project!


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