Brofaktura, Mini-Tests, and Volleyball

Last week flew by! On Tuesday, I introduced my remedial class to sea life vocabulary by using a themed game of bingo…they loved it! Although there are definitely some hard words in there (Portuguese Man-Of-War, anemone, manatee, Beluga Whale, etc.). It may not be the most relevant vocabulary, but they are getting much better at pronouncing English words and recognizing them! We reviewed the opposites again, and they’re continuing to improve by the day. My kindergarden classes were cancelled because they were taking class pictures, so I had the opportunity to stay at the school in Cisie for a “concert“ as part of the kids‘ music class. It was great fun to see the kids enjoying both the good music and great weather, and we were all entertained with Kenita’s rock’n’roll dance moves! I went to Siedlce in the afternoon, walked around and did some shopping, and got a delicious cappuccino at a restaurant named Brofaktura! It was fun to just explore the city, and see what we could find! Once we successfully caught our train back, I met with Johanna for our tutoring session. We talked about social media, shopping, and looked through an issue of People Magazine and discussed celebrities, makeup, music, and movies!

Cisie School from the outside
Playing (food) themed bingo with the 5c class!
The band performing for the kiddos concert!
Hands in the air like you just don’t care!

On Wednesday, I started my morning at Cisie and continued with the seal life vocab. I showed the kids a short video on my phone that shows actual videos of the animals…I thought it was necessary after one of the boys asked me if a sardine and blue whale were the same size (the pictures on the cards make everything look the same). I had some time off after the morning class, and then headed to the school in Skorzec for the after school program. As soon as I arrived, all the kids were waiting at the door for me, and were so excited to say hello! Moments like that remind me that I really am making an impact on these kids! We played food bingo, and then spent the second half of the class having conversations. The kids had prepared a list of questions they wanted to ask me, so I used that opportunity to ask some of the questions (How big is your family? What is your favorite type of music? etc.) to them as well. This after school group is definitely my favorite…they’re always excited about the lessons and usually are willing to try speaking, whether or not they say it right the first time!

After school program group picture!

Thursday started with some more opposites review and sea life vocabulary. We also reviewed the basic voab from the first week and the food words. I wrote up a mini-test for Friday, which covers everything that we have practiced so far. It’ll be nice for Margaret to see how they’ve improved during her two weeks, and will give me a good idea what we need to keep working on for next week! I made sure to explain to the kids that there won’t be any marks given for this assessment, which definitely improved their spirits! I then went to the kindergarden, where we worked on basic vocabulary and greetings by using songs, stories, and games! The kids are just beyond adorable, and hopefully the early exposure to English will make it easier for them to become fluent in the future! I came back to Reymontowka for a quick lunch and then was picked up for the after school program…same school, different group of kids. We worked on simple vocabulary again and then decided to go to the gym to play volleyball. We all ended up in a circle, seeing how many touches we could get before the ball hit the ground. And, without me even asking, they counted in English! (And our record was 17!) I got back to the manor house with just enough time to get mostly packed for my weekend in Krakow before dinner, and headed to bed not long after.

After school group #2!

This morning, I just had my morning class at Cisie, where we did a quick review of opposites before handing out the mini-tests. The kids did GREAT on their assessments, with most of them only missing one or two questions on the test…gives me a great place to start when I get back on Monday. Margaret decided to read the kids a story (Diary of a Worm) because it was her last day, and then we spent the last few minutes of each class taking pictures for her! The entire school gathered during the break to thank Margaret for her work and to wish her safe travels home. I’m back at the manor house to pack the last of my things and to eat a quick lunch before we catch our train to Krakow…I’m excited to get away for the weekend, and am looking forward to getting to see the city!


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