The Next Adventure…

It’t been a while since I wrote here, but there’s a new adventure on the horizon and I’m excited to share! My first semester at Georgia Tech went well — college is its own adventure.  I’ve had incredible opportunities, and learned and grown so much already.  I’m back on the ol’ blog to say that I’ll be spending this summer studying abroad at Georgia Tech Lorraine, a satellite campus for GT in Metz, France.  It will be a great summer full of travel, classes, and adventures of every kind, and I plan to chronicle my summer right here! It fits in perfectly with my mantra to make a difference with one adventure at a time, and I cannot wait to spend my summer doing something I’ve dreamed of for ages. Study abroad — here I come!


Also, if anyone has any suggestions of places to go or things to see, we have almost every weekend as a 3-day weekend to travel, and a few 4-day weekends as well.  I’d love to get some insight on the best things to do around Europe!


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